Feature Artists

Here at Sxwimele we pride ourselves on showcasing Indigenous Artists work for public purchase.  Below are just a few of our amazing Artists whose work we have in store.

Mercy Grey Design Co.

"Portland born and raised. I have fully fallen in love with Pendleton Wool. The vibrant colors and amazing patterns suck me in every time. I've found that Pendleton pairs beautifully with rustic and durable Chap Split Leather and use both exclusively. Every Mercy Grey Design bag is designed and handmade right here in Portland with an eye for detail and the highest quality."

Phyllis Atkins - Spring Salmon Studio

My traditional name is Qwoy'tic'a (pronounced K-why-deet-za), it means that "I wear the clouds"or "shrouded in clouds." This name was given to me after I was born by my grandfather
Hereditary Chief Anthony Joe from Shackan Band, in Spences Bridge, BC. Qwoy'tic'a was mygreat grand Aunt and she lived to be 112 years old.  In 1996, I began oil painting lessons from Barbara Boldt at the Barbara Boldt Original Art Studio
and studied with her for many years until I opened my own studio in 2012 - K’wy’i’y’e Spring Salmon Studio. In 2001, I had the wonderful opportunity to learn the art of hand engraving
jewelry from the late Master carver Derek Wilson from Haisla, BC. I'm very grateful for the gift Derek shared with me and I will continue to carve in his honour.


Michael Forbes - Silver Lining Design Studio

Michael was born in Chilliwack, BC and grew up in Northern BC where he was immersed in native arts and culture. His roots trace back to Haida Gwaii, where is family is related to Haida Master Artist, Charles Edenshaw.

Michael is best known for his glassware and his paintings. His artwork is featured in many galleries throughout BC, as well as in the traditional longhouses in the Fraser Valley.